Ealing Broadway Station

Ealing Broadway station is a major transportation hub in West London. It’s a single-level interchange station, meaning you can easily switch between different services without having to go up or down stairs. The station serves both the London Underground and National Rail, making it a convenient spot to catch a tube or a train to various parts of the city.


Table of Contents

  • Opening Hours:
    • Mon-Fri: 5:35 AM – 11:25 PM
    • Sat: 5:35 AM – 11:25 PM
    • Sun: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Location: Ticket hall on New Ealing Broadway
  • Fare Zone: Zone 3
  • Ticket Options:
    • Ticket machines available
    • Collect tickets bought online at machines or ticket office
  • Oyster:
    • Purchase an Oyster card at the ticket machine
    • Load the Oyster card at ticket machine or ticket office
    • Use Oyster card for pay-as-you-go travel
  • Smartcards:
    • Not sold here
    • No smartcard ticket sales or validation

Additional Notes:

  • Oyster cards can only be purchased from a ticket machine.
  • You can use contactless payment for travel.

This information is about a train station and the different ways you can get help or find information. Here’s a summary:

  • Getting Help:
    • Staff at the help point or ticket office can assist you.
    • Customer information screens are available.
  • Information on Trains:
    • Departure screens show train times and platforms.
    • Announcements are made about trains.
  • Other Services:
    • A lost property office is available.
    • CCTV cameras are in operation at the station.
  • For further information:
    • Call the customer service center at 0343 222 1234 (charges may apply).

Luggage storage is not available at this station.

Not available

This is information about bicycle storage options, likely from a website or brochure. Here’s a summary:

  • Sheltered Storage: Not available.
  • CCTV: Not available.
  • Bicycle Hire: This section seems irrelevant to storage and provides contact information for a bicycle hire service (Brompton Dock) in a different location (UK).
  • Train Travel with Bicycles: There’s no information provided about train travel with bicycles here.

Pay Phones: Not available. This suggests there are no public pay phones in the vicinity.

Public Wi-Fi: Not available. This means there’s no free or easily accessible public Wi-Fi network nearby.

  • Waiting Rooms
    • Areas where people wait for their appointments.
    • Commonly found in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and service centers.
    • Designed to be comfortable.
  • Seating Area
    • Part of the waiting room where people sit.
    • Includes chairs, benches, or couches.
    • Arranged to accommodate multiple people.
    • Considerations for comfort and accessibility.
  • Toilets
    • Available facilities for general use.
  • Accessible Toilets
    • Designed for individuals with disabilities.
    • Equipped with features to ensure accessibility.
  • Baby Changing
    • Facilities provided for changing diapers.
    • Often found in restrooms or dedicated areas.
  • Getting Around the Station:
    • Step-free access: Available to all platforms.
    • Ticket barriers and gates: Exist, but unclear if accessible.
    • Accessible ticket machines: Available.
    • Height-adjusted ticket office counter: Available.
    • Induction loop: Available for hearing assistance.
    • Ramp for train access: Available.
    • Accessible toilets: Available.
    • Waiting rooms and seating areas: Available.
    • Wheelchairs: Available to borrow.
  • Getting Help:
    • Staff assistance: Available.
    • Customer Help Points and Meeting Points: Available for assistance.
    • Helpline: Available for assistance.

Limited Accessibility:

  • Accessible taxis and designated pick-up/drop-off points are not available at the station.

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