Redbridge Station

Redbridge Station appears to be a location in Ilford, England. It’s likely a subway station based on the limited information available. Since you’re currently in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, it would be quite a trek to get there! Perhaps you’re planning a trip to England, or maybe you’re just curious about stations around the world. Would you like to know more about Redbridge Station, or are you interested in learning about public transportation systems in general?

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This ticket office is closed. Here’s what’s available at the station:

  • Accessible ticket machines for purchasing tickets.
  • Induction loop for hearing assistance.

However, you cannot:

  • Collect tickets bought online.
  • Get a smartcard or use smartcard tickets or validators.
  • Purchase tickets with a regular ticket machine.

For permits to travel, you’ll need to go to the Permit to Travel Machine at the platform entrance.

Here’s a summary of the information available at Redbridge station:

  • Limited staff assistance: While there are help points for general inquiries, there’s no dedicated information booth with staff.
  • Contact customer service: For specific issues, call the central customer service line at 0345 6000 650.
  • No information screens: Real-time train information is not available at the station.
  • No luggage storage or lost property office: The station doesn’t offer these services. For lost items, contact the central office at London Waterloo during weekdays.
  • CCTV security: The station is monitored by CCTV cameras.

Redbridge station has very limited parking options:

  • Just 4 total parking spaces are available.
  • There are no designated spots for people with impaired mobility for pick-up or drop-off.
  • Security cameras are not present in the parking area.

The good news is that parking at this station is completely free.

Redbridge station has limited options for bicycle storage:

  • There are only 8 bicycle racks available.
  • The racks are not sheltered from the elements.
  • No CCTV cameras monitor the bicycle storage area.

There’s also no bicycle rental service at this station.

  • Public Wi-Fi: You can access wifi while you’re at the station.
  • No Payphones: If you need to make a call, you’ll need your mobile phone.
  • Waiting Rooms: No
    • Waiting rooms are not available.
  • Seating Area: Yes
    • There is a seating area provided.
  • Toilets: No
    • Toilets are not available.
  • Accessible Toilets: No
    • Accessible toilets are not available.
  • Baby Changing: No
    • Baby changing facilities are not available.
  • Station Accessibility
    • Step-free access
      • Degree of step-free access to the platform; may be in both directions or one direction only—check details.
    • Ticket barriers and gates
      • No ticket barriers or gates.
    • Accessible ticket machines
      • Accessible ticket machines available.
    • Induction loop
      • Induction loop available.
    • Ramp for train access
      • Ramp available for train access.
    • Accessible Toilets
      • No accessible toilets available.
    • Waiting rooms
      • No waiting rooms available.
    • Seating area
      • Seating area available.
    • Wheelchairs available
      • No wheelchairs available.
    • Getting to and from the station
      • Accessible taxis
        • No accessible taxis available.
      • Impaired mobility set down/pick-up point
        • No impaired mobility set down/pick-up point.
    • Accessible spaces
      • Not specified.
    • Staff Help
      • No staff help available.
    • Customer Help Points and Meeting Point
      • Customer help points and meeting point available.
    • Helpline
      • Helpline available Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day).
    • Nearest accessible station
      • Southampton Central.

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