Ruislip Gardens Station

Ruislip Gardens Station

Ruislip Gardens station is a stop on the London Underground’s Central line. It is located in Travelcard Zone 5 and sits between West Ruislip and South Ruislip stations. While the station primarily serves the Central line, it also connects to RAF Northolt, a Royal Air Force base. Interestingly, the station’s history goes beyond the tube. Originally intended to be part of a longer line, plans changed after World War II, leaving Ruislip Gardens as the terminus for that route.

Ruislip Gardens Station
Ruislip Gardens Station
  • Location: Entrance to Platform 4
  • London Fare Zone: Zone 6
  • Services:
  • Ticket Machines: Yes
  • Collect tickets bought online: Yes (at Ticket Machine)
  • Accessible ticket machines: Yes
  • Induction loop: Yes
  • Oyster Pay as you go:
    • Purchase Oyster card: Yes
    • Load Oyster card: Yes (at Ticket Machine)
    • Use Oyster card: Yes
  • Smartcards:
  • Not issued at this station
  • Smartcard tickets are not available
  • Smartcard validators not available


  • You can get information in person from the information point during staff-assisted hours (listed above).
  • Staff are also available to help with general inquiries during the same hours (listed above).

Digital Information:

  • There are no customer information screens available at this station.

Additional Services:

  • Customer Help Points are located at the station for general assistance.
  • Contact TFL Customer Services for any inquiries by phone: 0343 222 1234 (charges may apply).


  • There are no luggage storage facilities at this station.
  • The lost property office is open weekdays from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
  • The station is equipped with CCTV cameras for security purposes.
  • Operator: Chiltern Railways
  • Availability: Every day (Monday to Sunday)
  • Spaces: 136
  • Accessibility: Accessible car park equipment is available.
  • Drop-off/Pick-up: No designated impaired mobility set down/pick-up points.
  • Security: No CCTV in the car park.
  • Limited Parking: Only 10 spaces are available on Platform 4.
  • Basic Stands: No shelter for your bike.
  • Security Cameras: Monitored by CCTV for some peace of mind.
  • No Bike Rentals: You cannot rent a bike at this station.
  • Consider Alternatives: If security is a concern, explore other options like nearby secure parking facilities.
  • Payphones: If you need to make a call, you’ll need to use your mobile phone.
  • Public Wi-Fi: Consider using your mobile data plan or finding a nearby hotspot if you need internet access.

Waiting Rooms


Seating Area


  • Toilets: Not available
  • Accessible Toilets: Not available
  • Baby Changing: Not available


  • Step-free access (partially): There is some level of step-free access to the platform, but it might be limited (check details for specifics).
  • Easy ticketing: Accessible ticket machines and staff are available to assist with ticketing.
  • Hearing loop: Hearing loops are available for those with hearing aids.
  • Train boarding: A ramp is available for easier boarding onto trains.
  • Getting to the station: Accessible taxis can drop you off at the station.
  • Parking: Accessible car park equipment is available (likely meaning there are designated disabled parking spots).
  • Staff assistance: Staff are available to help during specific hours (listed above).
  • General assistance: Customer Help Points and a helpline are available for general inquiries (listed above).


  • No toilets: This station currently has no restrooms available.
  • No waiting areas: There are no designated waiting areas.
  • Limited mobility drop-off: No designated drop-off point exists for people with limited mobility.
  • Parking details unspecified: It is not specified if there are accessible parking spaces available.

Overall: This station offers some accessibility features but lacks basic amenities like restrooms and waiting areas. Be sure to check details on the specific limitations of step-free access and plan accordingly for your trip.

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