Hammersmith Tube Station

Hammersmith Tube Station | Map And Parking

Hammersmith Tube Station – a bustling crossroads in the heart of West London. Imagine this: sunlight streams through the grand Victorian canopy, dappling the platforms where trains of the emerald District line and the midnight blue Piccadilly line hum with anticipation. The air thrums with the energy of commuters, tourists, and locals, all weaving through the station’s labyrinthine passages with a practiced ease.

Hammersmith Tube Station

Hammersmith (D & P)
London Underground Ltd.
Hammersmith Broadway
W6 8AB

  • Location: Hammersmith tube station, London
    • Busy interchange on the Hammersmith & City, District, and Piccadilly lines.
  • Morning Gatherings:
    • Every weekday morning, fans gather at the station.
    • Hopeful to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars at the nearby BBC Television Centre.
  • Ticket Office Scene:
    • The ticket office becomes a hub of hopeful whispers and eager exchanges.
    • Fans compare notes and speculate on which stars might be at the studios that day.
  • Concourse Atmosphere:
    • Concourse becomes a kaleidoscope of colours and personalities.
    • Dedicated fan groups gather in clusters.
    • Banners and t-shirts serve as vibrant testaments to their devotion.
  • Celebrity Arrival:
    • The arrival of a film crew or a celebrity car is met with a surge of excitement.
    • Fans cheer and snap photos in anticipation.
  • Community and Belonging:
    • Even for those who don’t encounter their idols, the daily ritual at Hammersmith station offers a sense of community and belonging.
  • Ordinary Unfolding to Extraordinary:
    • Encouragement to look beyond hurried commuters and flickering screens.
    • Suggests the possibility of witnessing the extraordinary amidst the ordinary at Hammersmith tube station.

Hammersmith Station, adorned with its iconic red-brick facade and clock tower, isn’t just a transit hub for bustling Londoners. It’s also a haven for those seeking assistance and guidance, a place where getting around becomes effortless with a little help from friendly faces.

Imagine stepping off a train, disoriented and unsure of your next move. Perhaps you’re a first-time visitor, wide-eyed and eager to conquer the city, or maybe you’re a resident facing an unexpected disruption to your usual routine. Whatever the reason, Hammersmith Station’s welcoming arms embrace you.

Information stands manned by knowledgeable staff who act as your first port of call. Maps unfurl, questions are answered with patience and a smile, and directions are delivered with a friendly lilt. Whether you need to find the right platform for your onward journey, locate a specific exit, or unearth hidden gems in the surrounding area, these information hubs are your knights in shining armour.

But assistance at Hammersmith goes beyond words and maps. Visual aids like clear signage, colour-coded lines, and even braille markings ensure everyone feels included and empowered to navigate the station independently. Lifts and ramps conquer accessibility challenges, while spacious corridors cater to diverse needs, making every journey smooth and stress-free.

For those needing a little extra help, dedicated personnel are always on hand. Staff readily assist with luggage, offer guidance to specific platforms for those with limited mobility, and even lend a reassuring hand during rush hour crowds. Their attentiveness makes even the most daunting journey feel manageable.

Hammersmith Station’s commitment to assistance extends beyond its physical walls. Digital touchscreens display real-time travel information; disruptions are communicated promptly through clear announcements, and even lost and found services reunite precious belongings with their rightful owners. Every aspect is designed to make your journey a breeze.

So, the next time you find yourself at Hammersmith Station, remember that you’re not just navigating a transportation hub; you’re entering a space dedicated to making your journey as seamless and stress-free as possible. With a little help from friendly faces and thoughtful design, even the most complex travel puzzle can be solved with ease, leaving you free to focus on the excitement that awaits your arrival.

  • It is located directly underneath the station, offering the closest and most convenient option.
  • Open 24/7 with over 200 spaces.
  • Expect hefty charges, especially during peak hours (around £28 for a day).
  • Pre-booking online through Saba Parking can save you some hassle.

Street Parking:

Street parking near Hammersmith Station, London

  • Limited on-street bays can be found around the station, particularly on side streets like Glenthorne Road and Black Lion Lane.
  • Pay and display restrictions apply, typically from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, with free parking before and after those hours.
  • Download the Ringo app for easy payment and to avoid expired meters.

Nearby Car Parks:

  • Livat Car Park: A multi-story car park a short walk from the station, offering competitive rates and 24/7 access.
  • St Augustine Priory Car Park: Another nearby option with slightly lower rates but limited opening hours on Sundays.
  • Olympia Motorail Car Park: Ideal if you’re arriving by car train, situated near the Olympia Exhibition Centre.

Alternative Solutions:

  • JustPark: App-based platform connecting you with private parking spaces near the station, often at cheaper rates than official options.
  • Park and Ride: Consider leaving your car at a park-and-ride location outside the city centre and taking the tube in. Stations like Uxbridge and Osterley offer ample parking and quick connections to Hammersmith.


  • Parking availability can fluctuate throughout the day, so plan your arrival accordingly.
  • Be mindful of parking restrictions, as fines can be hefty.
  • Consider alternative options like cycling or walking if feasible.

Cycle Parking is also available.

Wifi availabe at this tube station

Waiting room availabe at this Station

Washroom availabe at this Station

Basic Info of Station

  • Location: Hammersmith, London, England
  • Managed by: London Underground
  • Number of platforms: 4
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Fare zone: 2
  • Key lines: Circle, Hammersmith & City, District, Piccadilly
  • Opened: 9 September 1874
    • Annual entries/exits:2018: 26.81 million (decrease)
    • 2019: 27.05 million (increase)
    • 2020: 9.90 million (decrease)
    • 2021: 10.80 million (increase)
    • 2022: 20.06 million (increase)

District Line:

  • Westbound: Barons Court (towards Upminster or High Street Kensington)
  • Eastbound: Turnham Green (towards Uxbridge, Rayners Lane, or Heathrow Airport)

Piccadilly Line (limited service):

Westbound: Barons Court (towards Cockfosters or Arnos Grove)Eastbound: Acton Town (towards Uxbridge, Rayners Lane, or Heathrow Airport)

Map of Hammersmith Tube Station

Here is the complete map of Hammersmith Tube Station:

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