Whitechapel Station

Whitechapel Station

Whitechapel Station is a major transportation hub in London’s East End, serving a variety of underground, overground, and Elizabeth line services. Opened in 1876, it’s a busy station with a rich history, situated near the famous Whitechapel Market and offering easy access to various areas of the city.

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Here’s a summary of the information about Whitechapel station:

  • No ticket office: You cannot buy tickets from a person at this station.
  • Ticket machines available: You can purchase tickets for your journey using the ticket machines.
  • Oyster card friendly: You can buy a new Oyster card, top up your existing Oyster card, and use your Oyster card to pay for travel at Whitechapel station.
  • No smartcard sales or collection: This station does not sell or allow collection of train tickets using smartcards other than Oyster cards. You can however use other types of smartcards (like Southern’s ‘the key’) to tap in and out at the station validators.

Here’s a summary of the information available at Whitechapel station:

  • Staff assistance: While there’s no ticket office, staff are available to help with inquiries at the station’s help points.
  • Information screens: You can find real-time travel updates, and arrival and departure times on the station’s customer information screens and announcement boards.
  • Limited amenities: Luggage storage and lost property services are not available at this station. However, CCTV cameras are in operation for security purposes.
  • Contact information: For further assistance, you can contact Transport for London (TFL) customer services.

Not Available

  • Bicycle Storage:
    • Available: No
  • CCTV:
    • Available: No
  • Bicycle Hire:
    • Cycle Hire Information: There are no cycle hire facilities at this station
  • More Information:
    • Train Travel with Bicycles
  • Pay Phones:
    • Available: No
  • Public Wi-Fi:
    • Available: No
  • Waiting Rooms:
    • Available: No
  • Seating Area:
    • Available: Yes
  • Toilets:
    • Available: Yes
  • Accessible Toilets:
    • Available: No
  • Baby Changing:
    • Available: Yes
  • Step-free access: Available to all platforms.
  • Ticket barriers and gates: Yes.
  • Accessible ticket machines: No.
  • Induction loop: Yes.
  • Ramp for train access: Yes.
  • Accessible toilets: Not available.
  • Waiting rooms: Not available.
  • Seating area: Yes.
  • Wheelchairs available: Yes.
  • Secure Station Accredited: Yes.
  • Compliance with Joint Code of Practice: Yes.
  • Accessible taxis: Not available.
  • Impaired mobility set down/pick-up point: Not available.
  • Staff help: Available.
  • Customer Help Points and Meeting Points: Yes.
  • Helpline: Available.

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