Roding Valley Station

The term “valley station” can have two meanings. In the context of transportation, it refers to the lower terminal station for cable cars, gondolas, or ski lifts. This station is typically located at a lower elevation compared to the upper terminal station.

On the other hand, Valley Station can also be a specific place name. There’s a neighborhood within Louisville, Kentucky called Valley Station. It used to be a separate census-designated place but merged with Louisville in 2003.

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No ticket office or machines: You cannot buy tickets at the station.

No online ticket collection: Tickets purchased online cannot be collected here.

No accessible ticketing options: No machines with features for those with disabilities.

No smartcard functionality: You cannot use a smartcard to buy tickets or travel through this station.

Induction loop available: This station has an assistive listening system for those with hearing aids.

  • Getting Help:
    • Staff are available for assistance at a help point.
    • Departure information is displayed on screens and announced.
  • Ticketing:
    • No ticket office or machines are available at the station.
    • For ticketing issues, contact Transport for Wales’ website.
  • Lost and Found:
    • A lost property office exists at the station.
  • Other Facilities:
    • No luggage storage lockers are available.
    • CCTV cameras are not present at the station.
  • Operator: Transport for Wales
  • Total Parking Spaces: 4
  • Accessible Parking: 1 dedicated space
  • Drop-off/Pick-up: No designated areas for dropping off or picking up passengers with impaired mobility.
  • Security: No CCTV cameras in the parking area.
  • Cost: Parking is free.

There are unfortunately no bicycle storage facilities available at this station. This means there are no designated parking spaces for bicycles, sheltered areas, or CCTV surveillance for your bike.

The station also does not offer any bicycle rental services.

  • Payphones: Yes
  • Public Wi-Fi: No
  • Waiting Area:
  • No waiting rooms are available.
  • Seating area vorhanden (German for “available”).
  • Restrooms: No restrooms are available at the station. This includes:
  • Standard toilets
  • Accessible toilets
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Platform Access: There is step-free access to all platforms, but some ramps may be long or steep. You may need to use the street to get between platforms.
  • Ticketing: No ticket barriers, accessible ticketing machines, or ticket offices.
  • Hearing Assistance: An induction loop is available for those with hearing aids.
  • Boarding: Ramps are available for boarding trains.
  • Restrooms: No restrooms, accessible toilets, or baby changing facilities.
  • Waiting Area: No waiting rooms, but there is a seating area.
  • Getting There:
    • No designated accessible taxis or drop-off/pick-up points for those with impaired mobility.
    • There is 1 designated accessible parking space.
  • Assistance: Staff are available to help, but there are no designated customer help points or meeting points.
  • Helpline: Available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • Nearest Accessible Station: Holyhead

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Roding Valley Station

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